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kawaii_life's Journal

Kawaii Is a lifestyle
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"What is "kawaii?" Many westerners translate it as simply, "cute." But it is much, much more. Kawaii is more then a fashion statement - Kawaii is a lifestyle, and an attitude."

Welcome to Kawaii Life

This is a new community to bring together all the cute girls/or guys together to talk about common stuff. This community is part of the gyaru-kei aspect but more in to the Kogal/Kawaii(cute) style of things.

[] clothes that make us look super cute
[] cell phones
[] purfumes ( that make them smell like candy. or Yum fruit)
[] Dyeing hair ( teabag brown) or other shades of brown or Orangy brown.
[] post up pictures of yourselfs
[] findings on the internet.
[] have fun

"So what is kawaii? Do you know yet? It's not just how we dress, it's how we are."

When joining please into yourself useing this:

Fav Colours:
What do you like about Japan:
What is your Fav Japanese name brands:
Favorite clothing style:
Additional Comments: